Casting Call

All lead roles are already filled.  But… 
We still have roles available for this production. We divide the roles in 4 levels, according to acting experience. Click on each level to read the roles available. Read our list, pick the roles you want to apply for, and fill the form below.     

(Do not apply for more than 3 roles) 

Advanced Speaking Roles require professional acting skills. They have a lot of dialogue and strong scenes, but they are not present in the majority of the film. 
Pay Rate: $75 per day

Mother – She is a loving wife who loves an alcoholic and aggressive man. 

Jax – Head Guard of the Ranch – He is an aggressive security guard who feels no sympathy for the girls kidnapped for prostitution. 

Robin – Owner of Coffee Shop – Woman, 25 – 35.  She works for the human traffic organization, selecting the girls who will be kidnapped. 

Prosecutor –  Works to condemn Mike. 

Lawyer –  Works to prove Mike’s innocence. 

Judge – Courthouse Judge – Man over 40

Simple speaking roles require medium acting skills. They have dialogue, but they are limited to one or a couple of scenes. 
Pay Rate: $50 per day

Neighbor 1 – He helps Alice’s mother and delivers some good and bad news at the bar.  Man any age. 

Daniel – Card Player – He uses to play cards with Alice’s father. Man around his 40’s  

Sheriff – Chief of police. He investigates the human traffic and leads the other policemen.

Journalist –   

Carlos – Spanish man. His business is to buy and sell girls for the human traffic.  

Jury Leader – She pronounces if the defendant is guilty or not.  Any woman. 

Alice Client (2) – He is the first client Alice will attend as a captive girl. – Man around his 50’s

Bobby – Boy around 9 – Young Jesse Friend

Bruce – Strong Man – Second guard at the Ranch

Guard 3 – Guard at the Ranch 

David –  Young man, around 17 – Jesse’s Friend

Family Friend – He/She tries to calm Mike and Elizabeth during the funeral. 

Kimiko – Asian Girl who is trafficked. 

Extras do not have any dialogue on the film.  They fill the scene as crowds, with easy tasks to accomplish.  No acting experience is required.
Most of these roles are volunteer. 

School Extra – Boys and girls. Age between 7 and 10.
Filming location: Bristol. 

High School Extra – Boys and girls. Age between 15 and 18.
Filming location: Bristol

Bar Extra – Men and women of all ages. 
Filming location: Bristol

Court House Extra – Men and women of all ages. 
Filming location: Blountville

Brothel Extra – Men and women of all ages. 
Filming location: Limestone

Park Extra – Boys, Girls, Men and women of all ages. 
Filming location: Bristol

Neighbors Extra – 1 Man, 2 women.  Age: over 18.

Policeman Extra – 3 man. Over 18.

Guard Extra – 1 man. Age: 25 – 50

Funeral Extras –  5 Men  5 Women

There are 2 ways to apply for the roles.  So, before moving into next step, make sure you wrote down the name of the roles you’re applying for, and make sure you have the following items:

  • Headshot (with plain background)
  • Full body picture
  • Links to videos where you’re acting, demo reels and/or monologues

If you have never acted before, you still can make a monologue. Don’t give up!  

We will not consider application without video. 

Your information will be sent to our email, and it will only be seen by 353 Studios.

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