Meet the Crew – Ren Allen
March 4, 2020 No Comments Crew Alice

Ren Allen is the most recommended makeup artist in our region.  She is a mixed media and body paint artist exploring the human condition and connecting our stories through art.

SFX Makeup

Ren Allen’s main role in our film is the Special Effects Makeup. She’ll be the one to make possible aging our characters through the story and bring realism to bruises and scars. And, of course, adding personality and mood to the characters.     IMDB     Facebook

"Art fueled by tea, fascination and feathers."

Take a look at some of her AMAZING  work:

See what Ren Allen has to say about her work:

Body art: “Art has a way of expressing that which is elusive. It has great power to heal and soothe. When you become a work of art it is empowering and potentially life changing. I love working with people to express something about their experience, their passions or journey to self-kindness. We need to love these bodies we live in. I aim to change the way people perceive themselves, their scars and their stories.”

Originals: “Most of my current work is on canvas or 300 lb. watercolor paper. It is layers of watercolor, loose pigment, chalks, charcoal and acrylic. Most of it will reflect my long-term obsession with people, birds and the layering of color.”

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