Our Team

Our team is made of very passionate people. They give their heart to this production, because they believe it carries a message that needs to be said. Actors and Production crew are selected among the best in Tricitites and surrounding areas. Check it out, and .. if you’d like to join us , click on one of the last two links below. 


We are proud to say we have selected the best professionals in our region. Very experienced and talented people, from pre to post production. Not only filmmakers, but also singers and musicians. 

Click Here to meet our crew members or Click Here to apply to join our team. 


Alice’s Eyes will bring to the screen more than one hundred actors! It is the biggest independent production ever filmed in East Tennessee. 

Lead Actors

Our lead actors are present in most of the scenes. The are the base of our story, and they are very experienced actors. 

Advanced and Support Actors

Advanced and Support Actors are “speaking actors”. The advanced have long dialogues and/or deal with strong emotions on the film. The support actors deal with more simple dialogues and situations. 


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