1st Cast and Crew Meeting
March 3, 2020 No Comments Actors, Crew, News Alice

Last Sunday was our first official Cast and Crew meeting.  It was such an amazing encounter, with the best actors and best film professionals of our region .

Unfortunately not everyone fit in the picture.  🙂   8 other members of our team is not shown in this photo.  

100+ actors X 20+ Film Crew

That’s just the beginning!

Alice’s Eyes will involve more than 110 actors (35 speaking roles) and more than 20 filmmakers.

This will be the biggest film production ever made in the Tricitites, by a local production company! 

And what’s more important: Almost all the actors and filmmakers are from the Tricicies, with very few actors from Knoxville, Nashville, Alabama, North Carolina and from Brazil.  All locations of the film will be in the Tricities except for some scenes in Limestone, TN.

As you can see, it’s our priority to give opportunity to local talents and make sure this film is recognized as an exclusive local production, although we are making sure it will match the national high standards for the movie theaters.

How you can be part of it

You can, and you must participate on this project.   It brings to light a very important subject that need to be discussed.  Human Traffic and Sexual Abuse ruins the lives of thousands of people and their families. 

If you’re an actor, go to our casting call page.  If you’d like to donate for this project, click here.  

If your company wants to join us, please, call (423) 900-1500 to schedule a meeting with our representative. 

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