Alice’s Eyes – The Film

Alice’s Eyes was written by two Brazilian writers, for the production of a short film, 30 minutes long. The short film was produced by an acting school, using their students as actors, including Alice, the main character. But they also invested in two well known actors in Brazil, to be Alice’s father and the bartender, who also manages a prostitution business.

The short film was a success, and brought to light such a brutal reality: human traffic and sexual abuse. Unfortunately this problem is not restricted to that country, but it happens all over the world, including USA.

Wallace Moura, the director of 353 Studios, in Bristol, was really impressed by the short film, and contacted its director and writers. They sent the script and authorization to adapt the script into a feature film, 90 minutes long, to be produced in USA.

The film crew and actors (almost 50) have been selected among our local artists and filmmakers. The script was adapted by Wallace Moura to fit the USA reality and to become a feature film (90 min long) for the movie theaters.


Alice was born in a troubled family. Although her father raised her as a happy kid, life as a teenager was never easy. Suddenly things got off control, and all her dreams became a deep nightmare.

Love and crimes, hope and sadness, every minute will move your feelings from one side to another during this film. You will also love and hate the characters… sometimes the same one.