We have the honor to present you our cast:

Lead Cast

Sofia Pavone

Born in Italy, Sofia moved to the United States with her family when she was two years old. She was born to a British mother and Italian father and is the youngest of three girls. Sofia discovered her love for the stage when she started taking dance lessons in third grade; she ended up dancing for 9 years. However, it was being cast in the part of Sharpay in High School Musical in her middle school play that made her realize she loved theatre even more than dance. She continued doing musical theatre for the next 6 years. During her senior year, she was signed by an agency and started pursuing TV/Film. She started, and continues to, train weekly. She can be seen in IFC’s Stan Againt Evil and FOX’s The Gifted.

Character: Alice

Alice is an average girl, full of dreams but living a real life nightmare. She is raised by her father, who is an alcoholic, aggressive and addicted to gambling. She meets a little boy at school, and they grow up together and he becomes her best friend and joy in life.

When tragedy hits Alice, she feels alone in the world. Music is a comfort, but not enough to save her.

Mark Woomer

He’s a very experienced actor, with amazing acting skills. Mark does great performance in theaters and films. An absolutely dedicated professional and an important addition our team. Open minded and easy to relate to everyone in a group. An actor beyond expectations. 

Character: Mike

Mike is addicted to alcohol and gambling. He struggles to be a good man, but sometimes the evil inside him is stronger. 

Alex Hennage

Alex Hennage is a Theater major at East Tennessee State University, and is known for his deep voice and improv skills. He has appeared most recently in Investigation Discovery’s Murder Chose Me, Naturally Red Productions Cliques and the independent film Secrets from Salty Sloth Productions. Alex has voice training with Dr. Charlotte Anderson and Meisner training with Pat Cronin.

Character: Jesse

Jesse grew up being Alice’s best friend. Since 9 years old he has special feelings for her. A great friend who wants to develop the friendship into something more. But sometimes life is not fair and you feel powerless. 

Brian Scott Gilmore

Brian Scott Gilmore is known for his versatility and passionate performances. What’s less known, is that prior to becoming an actor, he was a firefighter/paramedic and a public information officer in Los Angeles County for 28 years. It was his work in front of the camera as a PIO that whet his appetite for acting. He made his acting debut playing a detective opposite John Nicholson in Murder Chose Me. He makes his home in Knoxville, Tennessee with his wife and their young son.

Character: Thomas

Thomas is the owner of the bar that is used to front the human traffic business he leads.   He works there as a bartender and uses his good looks and charm to recruit his victims and clients.  

Tina Hite Radtke

Tina Radtke grew up in Northeast Tennessee where she graduated from Daniel Boone High School. She began her acting career at Kingsport Theatre Guild with a one-word line is “A Christmas Carol.” She went on to pursue acting, earning her B. S. in Theatre and her M. Ed. from Milligan College. Her first prime time TV debut was as an extra on “The Resident” and since then she has done several TV shows and films.   

Character: Madam Monique

A long running girl at the Ranch that has become Madam over all the girls. The manages the human traffic business for Thomas.

Emerson Pratt

Emerson Pratt is 8 years old and in 2nd grade. She has had experience in theater with Kingsport Theater Guild, but this will be her first film experience. She also currently takes voice lessons.

She played the Robin in Secret Garden, she was an urchin child in Scrooge the Musical, and now she is a tentacle in Rainbow Fish the Musical.

Character: Young Alice

Alice is a sweet girl who sees everything with innocent eyes. But not everything is pretty in her life.  She relies on her best friend to make this a better world. 

Teak Brown

9 years old actor. Performs with Nashville Children’s Choir. He is also into Martial Arts (Jiu Jitsu) .

Character: Young Jesse

Jesse studies with Alice. They are best friends at school, but Alice’s dad does not see this with good eyes. 



Character: Jax

Jax is the Head Guard at the ranch. Thomas’ right arm. He does not show any sympathy to the girls under his care. 

SAG Actors

Actors members of The Screen Actors Guild (SAG) union
Carla Christina Contreras - SAG

Born in sunny Southern California under the cozy spotlight of tinsel town, Carla Christina started her professional acting career at the ripe age of three selling Barbie Dolls and Tootsie Rolls. Having been raised by entertainment industry parents, it was a natural progression for Carla Christina to enter into the “family business”; spending her summers on set with her father (a well-respected 50-year veteran Key Grip, Dolly Grip, Best Boy, Crane Operator from Local 80 IATSE). From eleven to sixteen Carla Christina worked on the TV series, ‘The Waltons’ further cementing her love of filmmaking and storytelling. Carla Christina is a 25-year veteran Board of Director of the National Union SAG-AFTRA and is currently Vice President of the Nashville Local.

Character: Robin

She owns a coffee shop and partners with Thomas. She attracts new girls to the business. 

Patrick Cronin - SAG


Character: Judge

Judge at the Courthouse of Blountville 

Support Cast

Advanced Characters
Amiti Little


Character: Brandy

She becomes Alice’s best friend at the Ranch but she ends up pregnant and has the hard decision to make.

Vergena Fields

With 15+ years of experience in TV/Film, she strives to keep working hard toward her passion every day. She has worked on several films, short films,  commercials and  music videos.

Character: Rose

She’s one of the girls at the ranch and she is too scared to go against the madam and Thomas, the owner.

Glory Bush


Character: Emily

She is a victim of a social media scam, and she’ll face severe consequences. 

Shayleigh Pratt

She has been acting for almost 2 years. She currently takes voice lessons and has previously been involved in dance and gymnastics. 

Character: Madison

A 12 year old that was kidnapped and forced into the business.



Character: Elizabeth

Alice’s mother. A dedicated wife that struggles to keep loving an aggressive husband who spends most of the time drunk and gambling. 

Casey Barton

Casey has been a musician and actor since they were a child.  This continued through college where they double majored in performance and psychology. 

Character: Heather

Rejected by her own parents, who don’t accept her sexuality, she becomes easy target to the human traffic. 



Character: Prosecutor




Character: Lawyer




Character: Robin


Standard Characters
Danilo Monte

A Brazilian actor. He started acting in theaters by the age of 12.  He speaks Portuguese and English.

Character: Noah

David and Jesse’s school friend.

Christy Peters


Character: Sara

Alice’s grandmother. She loves Alice but worries about her and wants to take her to live in NY. 

Ellasyn Pratt

8 years old. She has been involved in theater with the Kingsport Theater Guild over the past year. She is currently taking voice lessons and is cheering for Upward. 

Character: Gracie

A childhood friend of Jesse and Alice.



Character: David

Jesse’s best friend from school.



Character: Bobby

A childhood friend of Jesse and Alice.



Character: Bruce

Bruce is the second guard at the ranch. He follows Jax’s orders. 

















School Bus

Elementary School

High School