We have the honor to present you our crew members: (some roles are still open)

Executive Crew

Wallace Moura

Photographer and cinematographer.  Natural team leader and entrepreneur. He picked a Successful Brazilian short film to make it into this feature.

Story Creator
Lamarck Dias

Lamarck is the creator of the original concept of this film. He was also the producer of the Brazilian Short version of Alice’s Eyes. 

Script Writer of Short Film
Alan Marinho

Alan Marinho is a philosopher and writer. He was responsible for building up the dialogues for the Alice’s Eyes short film in Brazil. 

Production Manager
Marlisa Moura

Marlisa is extremely organized and she is responsible for all schedules, contracts and contacts. She oversees all needs and finds solutions to make the production happen inside our limited budget. 

Public Relations
Tina Hite Radtke

Actress and Executive Director at Kingsport Theatre Guild. Tina is responsible for funding and news representation.  IMDB

Pre Production

Script Adaptation
Wallace Moura

Responsible for adapting the script from it’s original 30 minutes into 100 minutes film. 

Cast and Location Director
Marlisa Moura

Marlisa works full time into selecting actors and securing the best locations for our film .

Graphic Designer & Storyboard
Emerson Mariano

A Brazilian designer, responsible for all printed material such as booklets, posters, and DVD cover. He’s also responsible to develop the storyboard.

Publicity Designer
Dennis Ribeiro

Brazilian designer responsible for all social media images for Alice’s Eyes campaign and promotional posts.






Director of Photography
Jeff Green

Very experienced videographer, shooting Commercials, Feature Films, Movies of the Week for TV, Music videos and NFL events.  Jeff is the highest responsible for the look of our film, making sure it transmits the mood our director is looking for, also choosing what cameras and lenses best fit each scene.  He leads the team of locations, lights, makeup, designs, and costumes. 


Experienced cinematographer for second camera, 

Sound Recording


Steve Messerole

Responsible to light and create the ambiance to best represent the mood of each scene.  

Makeup Artist


Nikki Winchell

All behind the scenes video and pictures are important to guarantee continuity and at the same time it’s an efficient documentation and publicity material. .  IMDB

Tina Hite Radtke

Tina makes sure all actors and scenes are the same way for the next take. On a big production it’s essential to avoid common mistakes on continuity.  IMDB

Production Assistant 1
Danilo Monte

Responsible for equipment care and transportation. 

Production Assistant 2
Johnhenry Krasinski

Responsible for helping light and sound crew. 

Production Assistant 3

Marlisa’s direct assistant. 

Post Production


will work on cuts, transitions, color grading, and adding voices and foley. 

Foley (SFX - Sound Effects)

Responsible for creating special sounds to make the audio rich with details, enhancing the feeling of being immersed in the scene. 

Composer and Sound Engineer
Ashley Dean Wilson

Ashley Dean Wilson is a Composer and Sound Engineer. He writes Compositions and Backgrounds to enhance the moods and ideas within the scope of the Director’s vision for the film.

VFX (Visual Effects)

Responsible to create realistic video effects. Some scenes will require digital effects along with makeup effects. 


Alice will be represented in theaters and the biggest film festivals around the world, throughout 2021, and it will be released to online viewers in 2022.

Heather Gruber

Music – I Lost My Halo

John Paul Riddle

Music: I Know It’s Over



Service Providers

Chef Brandon's