Alice’s Eyes will be produced in East Tennessee.  We will film scenes in the following cities: Bristol, Blountville, and Limestone. (almost all the actors involved are also located in East Tennessee). 

We’d like to share some pictures of our confirmed locations. Addresses will be kept private. House and ranch will still go through our design specialist to represent the best way the story we are bringing to you.  


Alice's Home

Alice will grow up in a simple home in Bristol, Tennessee. It’s a small town and most of the properties have a big space between neighbors. The American style of living makes it hard for us to tell if there’s any problem going on the next door.
And Alice will struggle becasue of that. 

Bristol Cemetery

We have not yet decided which cemetery will be in the film.

That’s a place Alice visits every year. She wishes she could change the past. But she really should be worried about the future… 


Court House

We will film outside the old court house and inside the new one. What will be the verdict? 


We have not yet decided which school will be in the film.

A place Alice loves to be. Friends, love, freedom… but what about safety? 


Sweet Oasis Ranch

The headquarter of the human traffic organization, where girls are kept against their will for sexual exploitation. Guarded with guns and surrounded by several acres of woods, ponds, and dangerous dogs. It’s nearly impossible to escape. And a good disguise from the community and the police. 


—— PROPS ——

We have received a great support from Blountville Courthouse. Now we are working to make it possible the use of official vehicles, like the pictures below. Vehicles and staff will be participating on several scenes of our film.  We also received support on a local bus company and driver who volunteered to help on our production. Thank you everyone!


Sullivan County Police
Tennessee State Tropper
School Bus