Project Alice’s Eyes, The Film

Alice’s Eyes Film is based on a successful short film produced in Brazil. Of course, 353 Studios has all authorization needed to produce a feature version in USA.  353 Studios adapted the original script, adding 60 more minutes to the original 30 minutes short film. We also added additional stories and characters.

Our project follows a schedule lists below:

  • Script adaptation – Done
  • Cast and Crew Selection – (90%)
  • Fundraising – (Active)    Donate now:
  • Rehearsals – (March through June)
  • Film Production – (June / July 2021)
  • Post Production (Editing) August through December)
  • Film Festivals
  • Premiere – December 2021
  • Distribution 2021 / 2022

This is how the raised funds will be applied:

  • Cast
  • Crew
  • Location Rentals
  • Equipment (rental and buy)
  • Editing Station  (this will serve all local filmmakers as a community benefit.)
  • Release and Publicity
  • Festivals
  • Distribution

We can not make this film without your help. And there are many ways you can do so.  
Please, click the green button and learn how you can be part of this amazing project. 

About the Community Editing Station:

353 Studios is creating a local acting and film-making club based in Bristol, TN.  We will provide a meeting and rehearsal room, an advanced video editing station and a movie theater to screen the scenes and films produced by the club members. 

The club will be maintained by a low monthly fee of $5.00 that will also be applied on acting and film-making book for a club library. 

So, Alice’s Eyes legacy will not only bring awareness to human traffic and sexual abuse, but will benefit the local community for generations, giving support to our local entertainment producers.